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  • PhotOrgan


  • Unified operation of multiple devices.
  • Removing of indentical pictures.
  • Checking, modifying and adding GPS locations.
  • Adding comments to your pictures.
  • Time correction (different time zone).
  • Available formats: JPG, DNG, MOV, MP4, BMP, PNG, TIF, CR, RAW…

Why do I need this software?

  • If you collect photos from members of a trip, the pictures can be stored in cronologically organized folders.
  • The organized files and folders can be shared, it is not restricted to your computer’s expensive software.
  • If your order should be used at a presentation: the time related playlist guarantee the lack of counter overflowing.
  • It can be used on as many devices as you wish! Types of devices can be stored in the names of pictures, also you can remove them at any time.
  • If you forget to correct time zone in one of the cameras (for example -5 hours), you can correct it later, sorted by cameras – time sequence will be matched with the pictures of other devices by the software.
  • If your pictures don’t have GPS information, you can add it later – sorted as you wish – so you can check on the map by clicking on the pictures.
  • If you want to search quickly by topics among the pictures, expand the files or pictures inside with textual infos.
  • If you have chaotic or unstructured data, PhotOrgan gives you structured organization. Maps and files can be organized flexibly, simply by moving them(?), subfolders can be deleted, or – as default – placed with a single move to the right location.
  • If you have unwanted duplicates, triplicates, their presences are shown so they can be removed (another advantage: it is not restricted for pictures, but for any kinds of files). Of course any of them can be modified.
  • Modified versions can be organized by moving or copying
  • Licenses


PhotOrgan: Private usage – 1 Year

Add to cart | 9.90 +VAT

PhotOrgan: Private usage – Lifetime

Add to cart | 29.80 +VAT

PhotOrgan: Business usage – 1 Year

Add to cart | 31.90 +VAT

PhotOrgan: Business usage – 5 Year

Add to cart | 90.00 +VAT

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